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Winter bloomers Houseplants of the month February

Winter bloomers offer scent and colour 
Winter bloomers are ideal plants for bringing the spring indoors when everything outside is still grim and bare. Colourful primula (Primula obconia), cheerful ragwort (Senecio) and white jasmine (Jasminium) provide scent and colour in the home in many shapes and sizes. They’re easy to look after, and have been specially grown to be able to go outdoors as well when the temperature rises above 10°C. 

Primula offers cheerful flowers in pink, white, purple, lilac and blue which brighten your home when it’s still bleak outside. There are increasing numbers of bicoloured varieties.
Ragwort  has green leaves which are a downy grey on the underside. The combination of green with ash grey sets off the fabulous flowers in white, blue, lilac, purple, pink, red and bicoloured beautifully.  
Jasmine is a bush with dark green leaves and radiant star-shaped white flowers with a lovely fragrance. The long tendrils like to wrap, climb and meander. 

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