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The roots of GASA are in Denmark as a grower-sales-association, or in Danish: GArtnernes SAlgsforening. In 1929, GASA was created as a cooperative union of auction-growers founded by Gasa Aarhus and Gasa Odense.

GASA continued to grow so that in the course of the years various subsidiaries were founded. Gasa Group Germany was the first company in 1981, followed by Gasa Group Holland in 1986 and in 2012 Gasa Group Poland. Finally as the fourth addition Gasa Group Hungary in 2017.

In 2001, the two head offices in Denmark merged to become Gasa Group Denmark. As from 2007, the DLG Group became a shareholder of the Gasa Group, and as from 2015 Gasa Group was a fully-owned company of DLG Group. The DLG Group is one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe and is owned by Danish farmers.

Effective from 1 January 2018, DLG sold 80% of their shares in Gasa Group to the Danish equity fund Erhvervsinvest Management A/S. As a result, Erhvervsinvest Management A/S now has the controlling interest with an ownership interest of 80%, and DLG retains an ownership Interest of 20%.

By the sustained growth of the sales organisation in the Netherlands a decision was made to expand Gasa Group Holland by 18 December 2010. And also to establish its business in the currently modernised building at Rietwijkeroordweg in Aalsmeer. This property gives Gasa Group Holland the opportunity to meet the organisational and logistics needs of its customers better. With years of knowledge and experience, Gasa Group Holland has become a specialist in floriculture products and added value. We would like to be the partner for you, which adds something to your green world and, therefore, we rightfully carry our slogan ‘Adding value to the green world’.