Colour Festival: April Garden Plants of the Month

Big flowers, small flowers. Climbing, hanging and creeping. For use in beds, in pots and containers, and in hanging baskets. The Colour Festival brings spring to your garden, patio or balcony in a flash. Begonia, Verbana, Gazania and Bougainvillea are all rich bloomers in different forms, so that they bring instant visual delight and experience to your garden. The low-growing summer-flowering plants Begonia, Verbana and Gazania come in various colours. Begonias are particularly offered in white, pink and red, Verbana in white, purple, red and pink, and Gazania in bright orange, bronze, white and yellow. The container plant Bougainvillea with its coloured bracts come in many shades that match beautifully with the other plants in the Colour Festival. Bougainvillea grows taller than the other plants. This allows you to furnish a balcony, patio and garden with plenty of colour at various heights, and you can always put together a combination to suit your personal taste.


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